Anxiety, Depression, and Amazing Grace!

 Bill speaks to a Southern California congregation on the realities of anxiety, depression, and burnout. But his message is one of hope as he points to the active, energizing, life-giving power of God's amazing grace and the wisdom of taking a "whole person approach" to dealing with these maladies. You'll be encouraged! 

Spiritual Warfare, Pt 1 - Attacks

In this look at the three major types of spiritual warfare, Bill Faris focuses on attempts by forces of spiritual darkness to flood or overwhelm in various ways. In this discussion, Bill recounts the powerful auto collision that nearly took the life of his wife as she and two of their children were driving four days after being sent out as church planters. He points out the power of persevering in hope when flooded by such attacks. 

Spiritual Warfare, Pt 2 - Overcoming Harassment and Siege

 In this second of two talks, Bill focuses on the techniques of harassment and spiritual siege. Along with all out assault, harassment and a siege make up the three major ways we are spiritually attacked. Bill points to some ways we can survive and overcome these demonic agendas and live as Overcomers. 

Constant Change is Here to Stay - (Transitions, Pt 1)

 What is the first thing we must do when entering a time of transition? What are the three phases of Transition? What is the difference between transition and change? In this Gracelets podcast video, Bill walks you through the three phases common to all transitions and helps you better understand how to navigate your transitions effectively. 

Constant Change is Here to Stay - (Transitions, Pt 2)

In this follow up to his first talk on Transitions, Bill takes us further into the three phases of transition and helps us understand the challenges and opportunities each phase provides. 

A Culture of Honor in Your Home, Pt 1

 Imagine your home as a place where everyone is treated with dignity. Touch is affirming and respectful. How we speak to one another is free of humiliation and peppered with thanks, love, and honor. In this Gracelets Audio podcast-to-youtube, Bill Faris shares from his own life and family some key things that have helped them establish a culture of honor in their home. This is Part One of two in this series. 

A Culture of Honor in Your Home, Pt 2

In this follow up to Part One in Bill's series on Creating a Culture of Honor in Your Family, be discusses the healthy family system. Each member has something to give to every other member in assisting them to become all God has in mind. Bill also looks at honoring children and how honored children honor their parents, and others! 

The Best Thing I Ever Did For My Sons

Bill shares the inspirations that led him to design special get away weekends for him and his three sons at key times in their lives: age 13, age 18, and before marrying. He describes the elements of these father-son weekends and encourages dads to do their own. "If you do ANYTHING, your sons will be ahead of their peers", 

The Healing Power of Pleasure

How should Christians view life's pleasures? Are pleasures of body, soul, and spirit gifts from God? Can they bring blessings of healing and relief? Does the Bible advise us to avoid pleasures as impure and unholy? In this brief "Shot of Grace", Bill goes to God's word and helps us grasp the Healing Power of Pleasure.